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Atitlan Collection Introduces Guatemala

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Cieladante. Are you ready for an adventure? Hop on and come join us!

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Cieladante is committed to bringing you a small piece from each of the corners of the world. We honor the places our products came from, and the people who made them.

Our Philosophy

Each piece of jewelry is so distinct, that no two will ever be exactly the same. That is the benefit of handcrafted. Since each one is made one at a time, you are sure to receive the utmost attention to detail and higher quality, something factory made can't give you.

Who Would've Thought

Shop our Atitlan collection to preserve mayan culture

Nam Co Lake

Take a piece of harmony with you - shop the nam co collection + support tibetan monks!

This is Guatemala

Come Seek the story behind Lake atitlan

Lucky Knots Rope - Happiness

Lucky Knots Rope Collection

Bodhi Seeds are the Newest Trend

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